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Congratulations to Eelo University

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September 9, 2011
Prof. Mahamud Hussein Egeh,
Dean of Eelo University,
Borama, Awdal, Somaliland.
On behalf of the Membership and the Board of Directors of Adal Resources & Development Assistance Association (ARDAA), I am humbled and honoured to congratulate you, the new/first graduates of Eelo University and the entire community at Borama, on the occasion of the graduation of Class of 2011, the first class to graduate from Eelo Univesity, Borama.
We, at ARDAA, are confident that Eelo graduates will take their rightful place in our quest for socioeconomic development, fight against poverty, disease & ignorance, and introduction and application of new technology to improve the lives and life styles of the people in the region. We look forward to working with you and the elites of Eelo University, in promoting prosperity. We celebrate with you the new dawn and the beginning of the end of darkness. Well Done Eelo.
ARDAA is a non-profit organization established in North America in 2007 to promote and assist the socioeconomic development of the Adal regions and their communities through the engagement and commitment of the diaspora and homeland resources. It is one of ARDAA’s core values that we put people before profit. And it is this very principle that we celebrate the success of our young generation, the leaders of tomorrow, and role models in the region.
For and on behalf of ARDAA Board of Directors
Ibrahim Absiye
President of ARDAA

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