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What the Somalis can learn from Ethiopian Cultural Festival?

What the Somalis can learn from Ethiopian Cultural Festival?

The Cultural Festival that held in Jigijiga was an immaculate efforts undertaken by both people…

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere(Chinese Proverb)

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere(Chinese Proverb)

Welcome back to school! I hope you had a great summer. Our work together this…

Ethiopia’s export earns over $ 3 bln

Ethiopia’s export earns over $ 3 bln

Addis Ababa, 4 September 2013 (WIC) – Ethiopia has made over 3 billion US dollars…

My Rendez-vous At Haramayo University. By Mohamed H Bahal

My Rendez-vous At Haramayo University. By Mohamed H Bahal One of my old classmates took…

PM Hailemariam Desalegn interview with France24

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April 2014
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Sida Afka-Somaliga uu ufasaqay Af-Axmaarigu iyo erayada tooska loo isticmaalo ilaa hada

Waxaan faaladan kooban ku eegidoonaa Afkeena hooyo  “Afsomaliga” iyo sida Af-Axmaarku uu u fasaqay amaba u dhexgalay luuqada somalida deegaanka somalida dhexdiisa iyo sida ay u isticmaalaan dadkii iyagu kudhex barbaaray bulshawaynta ku hadashay AF-Axmaarka. Sida lawada ogsoonyahay dalkan Itoobiya waxaa lagaga hadlaa luuqado badan oo uu kamidyahay Af-Somaligu maadaama ay kunoolyihiin qoomiyado kaladuwan oo…

What the Somalis can learn from Ethiopian Cultural Festival?

The Cultural Festival that held in Jigijiga was an immaculate efforts undertaken by both people and Government. It was human expression depicting the unity of people of 70 tribes of different culture, different region, different languages, and different religions, but under one    nation. In a period of twenty one years, Ethiopia has shown remarkable transformation…

What the Somalis can learn from Ethiopian Cultural Festival?

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Condolence to Sheikh Abdirahman Xadi Warfaa family

Condolence to Sheikh Abdirahman Xadi Warfaa family

INAALI LAAHI WA INNA ILAAh RAJICUUN We were deeply shocked by the death of Sheikh Abdirahman Hadi Warfaa. Sheikh Abdirahman was born and raised in Harawe. He started elementary school and Qur’raan in Aw Bare. After finished Qur’raan Sheikh Abdiraham…

With more time for reflection and revision Based on a Definition Education

I think education contains teaching and learning specific skills, and also something less tangible but…


Hambalyo iyo bogaadin waxaan halkan uga diraynaa Boqor ABDIFATAH MAHAMED AWALE iyo Boqorad AYAAN NUUR…

Socdaalkii Gobyarey

Waxaan ka baxnay magaalada Jig Jiga subax dhulka daad ayaa yaalay samaduna buluug aan fad…


Dhismaha Dhakhtarka Weyn ee Sheed-dheer

Baldaawo Sida Bacdu ugashay Togwajaale